Bread Recipe for 4-Year-Old

Ok, so let me first preface this post by saying that today has been an awesome day. On the fifth day of my actual cooking everything (minus a small amount of cheating I got into Friday…I’ll explain later) I feel like I’m finally in the makin’ meal groove. For instance, when I get home, I’m just ready to throw off my coat and dabble with a new recipe in the kitchen. It’s really refreshing because I was getting into this habit where all I was doing was eating White Castle and candy, and though I didn’t gain any weight, I could definitely feel a difference on my body. I was tired a lot more and I just felt groggy. And just over the last few days, I feel more awake and I even think my skin looks better (Ok, that might be part of the night cream thing I do every evening but it could also have to do with the fact that I seriously haven’t eaten an apple in over a year–unless it was in a pie.)

Anyways, while at work I noticed I haven’t been eating very much bread recently since…well, I haven’t made any. Actually, it’s most been meat and vegetables of some type. Fruits of course, too. But anyways. So I decided I wanted to attempt to make bread, though I know the recipe is somewhat complicated for most kinds. So I didn’t want to get too complicated this first time around. I don’t have a bread maker. Hell, I don’t even have a carrot peeler as several of you pointed out via my last post. I just have a bunch of crappy old knifes. (But we’re making it work, hipster style. Lol. No, but seriously. Poor style.) ANYWAYS, here is a recipe I found online that alleges that it’s easy enough for a 4-year-old. Although after working with the 7-year-old I nanny for who knows more state capitals than I’ll ever remember, I’m not so sure if that means I’ll be able to do this recipe right.

Anyways, here’s a link to the recipe. I’m too lazy to post it right now cus I have a little work to do, plus I want to watch a movie.


1526874_10201321229735170_1665908243_n 1604450_10201321228215132_878321623_n

I stirred everything together (flour, water, salt) (oh, also, this recipe is SO easy that you don’t need to knead it. I mean c’mon. Four-year-olds kneading? Palease.) Anyways, afterwards I realized I didn’t have any INSTANT YEAST? WTF IS THAT NOISE. Anyways, as usual, I ran down to the only store in the WBurg area–an all organic, fluffy, inflated price store. But it was convenient and the owner had heard of INSTANT YEAST. So all’s well that ends well. The dough is supposed to sit out for 8 hours. Afterwards, you DO knead it (I guess that’s for the big people) and then you let it rest for 2 and then cook for 10 minutes. So looks like I’ll be up early tomorrow. Though I have to say I’m sort of excited for this project. It’s all like Christmas in bread form. Plus I LOVE bread.

Anyways, basic meals today.

Breakfast: Raw oats with milk, sugar and chocolate chips.

Snack: Plain yogurt with blueberries (Had this twice today but left it at work so I can’t have it as a movie snack :(

Lunch: Left overs from last night’s dinner, minus the beans. So chicken, which I forgot to season and our work has packets of sugar and coffee but no salt? Shut the front door!
Anyways, some left over carrots from yesterday’s recipe were also in there, too. My dad and step mom are sending me a box of spices so I am super pumped to get cookin’ with those babies.

Dinner: I cooked pin wheel pasta with a sauce recipe I found online that involved virgin olive oil, sliced tomatoes, and chopped garlic.
I have some leftovers, so I think I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow. Added some cheese, too, and it was AMAZING!!

I’m still sort of hungry so I’ll probably eat some beans or a boiled egg as a midnight snack.

SIDE NOTE: Ok, so I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but on Friday night, I cheated. One too many drinks while out with friends and we ended up at a diner. My guy friend ordered a hamburger. He offered to buy me something but I specifically declined due to my food blog, etc. BUT when I saw his sweet potato fries and he offered, I attacked them and ended up eating pretty much the whole thing. (For shame :*(

I’ve also had Starbucks twice, BUT just the coffee, and I’m going to allow that and not count that as cheating for this blog. I hope you’re not too angry with me. Anyways, I’m gonna let you go. Some beans are calling my name, and I need to feed my cat, too.

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